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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Birth of a New Blog

Hello there all! My thread over at was starting to get wayyyy too full (I've been having to move a lot of stuff to the second post, or get rid of it altogether!) so I figured it was time for me to start a new blog. This way, all of my resources can be found in one spot, and no one has to worry about any of it going anywhere!

X3 I hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Yep, It has soo many pages now. XD

    Jalen. ;A;

  2. OAO So full already...

    Not that I complain <u< We just might drown into Jalawesomeness.

  3. ;A; Wah you guys, thanks for posting here! Yeah I filled this place up completely with everything I had in my thread/saved up elsewhere. Hopefully all my stuff is easy to access! Now I just need a support bar. <w<

    X3 You both are so sweet <3