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Saturday, January 29, 2011



CREDITS: First spriteset, credit FenixFyreX, Icedragon, and Rajawali. The second sprites were done from an RTP, back-only sprite Aine did. Please credit Rajawali and Aine for the bowing sprites!

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  1. Hey Jalen! I have to say first off that I absolutely love your work. And secondly I had a big question to ask you. Could you edit your maids to be bunny girls instead of maids?(just give them the ears instead of the hats I guess) I have been looking for Portraits of bunny girls for ever even on Portuguese sites, and to no avail. Also the main character is going to be the blond curly haired girl so that would be awesome if she had an emo-set. If it isn't too much work I would be so incredibly appreciative if you could do this for me!:D