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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Original Charas


Hector, Darcel, and Florian! These guys are all mine, but you can use them if you want. X3 I LOVE MAH BOYS

CREDITS: Pentagonbuddy for the undershirt Florian's wearing in the second one. FenixFyreX for the Florian sprites!

Ralphina Portrait Emotes



CREDITS: Rajawali for the original I edited lots.

Hatless Peeps, Go!


Ohai there Bennet, glad to see what your hair looks like now! ...You too, Mr. Evil Priest Guy. IT'S OKAY I LOVE YOU

CREDITS: Sprites are FenixFyreX's!




CREDITS: The guns for the soldiers were found on this site. The soldiers themselves were based off of Avadan's future soldier sprites.

Slimey and Naked Bases


GETTING CLOSER TO THE END OF THIS. The sprite for Slimey can be found here! Credit PinedaVX, please.



CREDITS: Please also credit Pentagonbuddy for Santa. She and I worked on him together. XD And all the sprites are FenixFyreX's, while the rest of the faces in the faceset are Sketcy-Sketch's!

Yet More Stuffdump


Whewww, this is the last batch, I think. 

CREDITS: Sprites for the Pokemon trainer and his rival are here and here and are done by Kefra. Sprites for the king/zombie king face are right here. Credit PINEDAVX OR ELSE.