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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another New Partnership~!

With's own Mr. Bubble! ;w; 

Link to Bubble Blog!

X3 She has amazing animations, so go check out her resources! Don't forget to read her terms of use first before you use them!


  1. The features are great. I really liked. Congratulations on the new partnership. o/

  2. Oh oh oh, Vash Vash, hi! X3 I'm not sure if you ever got my comment on your blog...I commented on the post with the sprite of my Community Character in it, but I don't think it went through. Thank you SO much for that pose you made! I love it I love it, is it okay if I use it? You did such a wonderful job, I can't believe you did that for me. ;w;

  3. Oh, very nice! And.. she? LoL, I was ever thinking that she was a man. Why do she uses the "Mr." in the front of Bubble Wand? e.e
    Keep with the great job.

  4. Hi! õ /
    Yes, you can surely use. It is .. I did it. = 3
    I thought about doing for my other partners (I think).

  5. Oh, about my banner, if you want to make your own image to fit in with the rest of your partnership links, that's fine. :)

  6. Awesome Vash, thank you! ;w; You're the best.

    @ Mr. Bubble: I will totally try to make one! I actually really need to practice them, since Penta's made all mine, so I could do a cute little bubble one for yours. ;w;